Bluford high blood is thicker book report

Will Harold escape the violence that surrounds him, or will he become its next victim? He has a cousin there called Savon and they used to get along pretty good when they were young but once he got the Tyray hadsnuck out of the house late at night to his meeting and when he gotthere, he waited a few minutes and was suddenly hit in the headwith a baseball bat and was knocked out.

The other is that the mother-in-law, allows herto live, because the knowledge that her actions led to the death ofboth lovers, will punish her for life. Then Darrel had done something hehad never done before.

Blood Is Thicker

Brother in arm by paul langan? His nemesis Steve is harassing him and trying to get him kicked out by taunting him and picking on his friends. They were very close when they were younger, however they have lost contact. Born in Philadelphia inPaul Langan spent his early childhood in the city before moving with his mother to southern New Jersey.

Frankie Pacheco, the most feared homeboy from his neighborhood, is hunting him. Until a small and skinny boy named Darrel Mercercame along. I really enjoyed his life style he had living with his cousin Savon. Hakeem was so sad that he lost Darcy.

The book is about a boy that moves to a new school, and has to deal with a bully that harasses him daily. Alone and with time running out, Martin must make a choice. Roylin makes a terrible mistake: Later that day Tyray met Bones in front of a pizza placewhere they walked over by a metal dumpster where Tyray gave Boneshis 50 dollars and received his gun.

With his height at more than 6 feet talland muscular, Tyray had been the biggest bully in his freshmanBluford class. I wonder why I love this book so much? Then to make things worse, Tyray tips over Darrels trayand spilling it onto his clothes.

I like this book because Tyray Hobbs bullies DarrelMercer to the point where Darrel stands up for himself.

The choice leads him into a world of dangerous streets where no one is safe.

What is the settings in The Gun by Paul Langan?

Desperate to settle the score and regain respect, Tyray sees only one solution to his problemsa gun. Hakeem thought once he moved to D A plot summary is a description of the story in a novel, film or other piece of storytelling.Now Blood Is Thicker is a very deep book you can end up crying or are a lot of characters, themes, conflicts, climaxes, symbols, metaphors, and similies.

You might know the character Hakeem Randall From the book Lost And Found and that's another Bluford Series Book/5. Blood is Thicker moves at an engaging pace through the changing events in Hakeem's life, yet the story still manages to take enough time unveiling the inner, emotional turmoil of its main character.

I'm looking forward to reading more books in this series.3/5(4).

Bluford High Series

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Add a comment. SubmitStatus: Resolved. Bluford #8 Blood Is Thicker.

The Bluford Series

By Paul Langan, D. M. Blackwell. Grades.Y. Genre Then he finds out he has to leave his friends at Bluford High and move in with his uncle in faraway Detroit — where he has to share a bedroom with his moody, secretive cousin Savon.

Paperback Book $ Out of Stock Save to Wishlist. From the. Feb 20,  · MLP Project: Blood is Thicker (FULL CAST MLP COMIC DUB Brandon Bluford Football Highlights - Duration: DRAMA HIGH I (Throwback Edition.

Report abuse. Transcript of “Blood Is Thicker” “Blood Is Thicker” This book was well written and I enjoyed reading it.

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Hakeem is a very brave and strong minded person. I liked the end best when everybody began to get along. “Blood Is Thicker”.

Bluford high blood is thicker book report
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