Concussions in different football levels essay

The suicides of former Chicago Bears Defensive end Dave Duerson and Owen Thomas, a University of Pennsylvania defensive end, have shown that the symptoms that Visger, Duerson, and Thomas have or had experienced have happened to many other retired football players as well, which shows that this is very common among concussion recipients.

Not only is everyday life a struggle for these gentlemen, but the risks that they took can sometimes lead to their untimely death. The concern of concussions has risen to a point where people have debated whether football should be banned altogether.

Every single person who puts on a helmet and pads will ask himself this exact question. Concussions in football have been a major concern though the years especially in recent years and the seriousness of this particular injury must be bought to the attention of not only the players, but to the media and professional leagues.

The swelling of the brain can cause many blackouts, memory loss and confusion. The regulation helmet used in the NFL has gone through rigorous changes to keep concussions to a limit, but there is only so much you can do to prevent a concussion. Some players would even try to play through them.

Equipment is also a major factor in dealing with concussions. On the other hand, doing something bad can result in prison time. The constant contact and trauma that the head takes from being hit can sometimes lead to a concussion, but they are usually sustained through one powerful hit to the head.

This would prove noteworthy for the kickoff or punt return aspect of football. After the original impact, the brain starts to swell in order to protect itself.

Doing a good deed can help lift up the spirits of many people including yourself. A more severe concussion such as a grade 2 concussion may cause being blacked out, confusion, a pounding headache, and blurred vision. A concussion will get better over time but is never a good thing.

Concussions in Football

The decision to play football has many different consequences, some good and some bad. Concussions are very common in every level of football. When weighing the options, there are so many different outcomes that you never know what the correct answer actually is.

In these situations, it is easy to weigh the options and make a decision. It is also possible for a person to suffer multiple concussions.

Due to the high intensity of play in the National Football League, also known as the NFL, the concussions suffered by its players are very extreme. Although One of Americas most precious pastimes; American Football is the most dangerous sport because of the risk of concussions.

There are also different levels of concussions. Visger was also one of more than four thousand former NFL players who filed a seven hundred and seventy five million dollar lawsuit against the NFL for lack of information of concussions, and neglecting f the severity of concussions Farrar.

Although most athletes are aware of concussions, not everyone is aware of the long lasting effects of them which are up to coaches and staff to explain.

Retired players that have played professional football at some time in their life who sustained concussions have also had many problems in their retirement. So if you can hide it and concealOne consequence that football players face everyday is the risk of getting a concussion.

Concussions are a major problem in the sport of football. Concussions are “a type of traumatic brain injury, or TBI, caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head that can change the way your brain normally works”(CDC).

Essay on The Effects of Football Concussions on Medical Sciences - Inthe number of football related head injuries was 46, (“Sports-Related Head”). In recent times, people have become conscious of the dangers of injuries resulting from football. Head Injuries in the Game of Football Essay.

Head Injuries in the Game of Football Head Injuries in the Game of Footballpeople age 19 and younger were treated in emergency rooms for concussions and other sports- or recreation-related brain injuries in the country in That was an increase fromin (Cleared to Play).

Concussions in Football Essay Words | 6 Pages. CONCUSSIONS IN FOOTBALL 1 Effects of Concussions in Football CONCUSSIONS IN FOOTBALL 2 Football has become the most popular sport in America.

Boys start playing at the age of 6 and, if they turn pro, could play into their 30’s or even 40’s. Creating Awareness for Sports-Related Brain Injuries The National Football League is one of the biggest organizations in the United States.

The injury rate in football is overwhelming, so overwhelming there are already studies out saying football might lead to suicide. We will write a custom essay sample on Concussions in football specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Order now There are also different levels of concussions. “A minor concussion or grade one concussion may involve being dazed, head ringing, a minor headache, and a very brief loss of consciousness.

Concussions in different football levels essay
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