Education and unemployment essay

Let us implore them one by one. In Kerala, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and other States, where the percentage of educated people is high, the educated people are tried hard to cope up with the problem. Though many reasons led the problem of unemployment in India some are: As a matter of principle it becomes the duty of government to provide employment to all as far as possible and we are blessed that our government is taking keen interest to solve this series problem of today.

Economic conditions are the main factor in unemployment. Today, unfortunately, our country is faced with one of the grimmest problems — that of mass-unemployment among the educated young men and women. Many people mostly youth population are facing this problem since many years in India as increased population stands the situation of competition all around.

First step should be to revise the social system of our country. The numbers of unemployed have increased over the past few decades as the population has accelerated. Factors Leading to Unemployment in India Growth in Population The rapid growth in the population of the country is one of the leading causes of unemployment.

Conclusion The problem of unemployment in the country has persisted since long. Here is a detailed look at the different types of unemployment: Besides offering employment opportunities by way of these programs, the government is also sensitizing the importance of education and providing skill training to the unemployed people.

Essay on Unemployment

We need money to make our living. Disguised Unemployment When more than the required numbers of people are employed at a place, it is said to be disguised unemployment.

Education creates awareness and expands our vision. This drawback makes the students dislike the manual work. April 01, Over-education is as much recessive as overproduction at the time of less demand. Weak Economic Conditions 2.

Education and Unemployment

Education System The education system in India focuses majorly on the theoretical aspects rather than skill development. In this way very serious problem of unemployment may be saved to a great extent. Employment in Foreign Countries The government helps people get employment in overseas companies.

Therefore, general education should aim at educating all students up to the secondary standard. If it is not solved sooner, a social revolution may take plea to have its solution. As conventional tasks become more automated and more convenient, some employees find their posts obsolete.

A fulfilling career ensures a satisfied life. Mostly youth generation are attracted towards a particular job profile and do not show the interest in industrial sector.

Thereafter, depending upon the aptitude of the student, he should either opt for advanced academic education or join a vocational training institute for skill-based training.

Industrial units provide employment to both educated and uneducated people. Masters in Computer Application and Business Administration. Unemployment Essay 2 words Unemployment is a curse to the society. Possible Solutions to Eradicate Unemployment Population Control It is high time the government of India should take stern steps to control the population of the country.Unemployment Essay 4 ( words) Unemployment is a serious problem.

There are a number of factors including lack of education, lack of employment opportunities, lack of skill, performance issues and increasing population rate that lead to this issue in India. Education is of utmost importance for eradicating the unemployment problem of our country.

It is also essential to improve the trade and commerce, and to bring prosperity to our country. However, apart from an improved system of general education, there is a great need for the growth of vocational education.

Unemployment Essay 5 ( words) India is a developing country and many social issues or problems are still becoming the reason of non development of our country, Unemployment is one of them which are one of the biggest crises in India.

Unemployment Essay

Because of that, unemployment issue should see by neither direct nor indirect aspect that can makes it possible to happen.

Unemployment issue affected by at least three aspects, these are educational, economical, and population. Seeing this unemployment issue, we can’t ignore those three major aspects that affected unemployment issue.

Problem of Educated Unemployment in India. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles, The defection education system that produces graduates and post-graduates like pins is one of the main cause for the problem of Educated Unemployment. Short Essay on Unemployment in India ; Short paragraph on Causes of Unemployment in.

INTRODUCTION: Edgar Edwards and Michael Todaro argue that an investment in education past the literacy stage is an investment in idle resources. They have some good and bad arguments and below, I am going to critique their arguments critiquing their points with the help of facts, statistics and logical reason.

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Education and unemployment essay
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