Effects of the syrian civil war

The hike in prices this could cause would have crippling effects on all economies. This occurrence would directly cause the collapse of global markets that depend on Middle Eastern resources, like the oil market, because investors will not trust the stability of the oil resources when under the control of terrorist organizations or regimes that support them.

And the data also suggests that Lebanese trade seems to have been less negatively affected by the Syrian war than other neighbouring countries.

The Assad family is Alawite, which means they adhere to a minority branch of the Islamic faith that is related to Shiite Islam. The Syrian Civil War is a complicated web of alliances and rivalrieswhich has drawn several international actors into its turmoil. The exception has been tourism, which has been negatively affected by the combined effect of increased insecurity and restrictions that several countries — particularly in the Gulf - have placed on travel to Lebanon as a result of the war.

We find that the war seems to have affected neither merchandise nor services exports at the aggregate level. The relationship between the Sunni branch of Islam and the Alawite and Shiite branches is extremely adverse; both believe followers of the other sect are not true followers of Islam.

First, it desires to protect its military bases that it has established in Syria, and to increase its control in the Middle East. As such, the U.

That is the case also for the devastating civil war in Syria - one of the most violent in recent times. We also present a wealth of other data on domestic services turnover and on foreign investments to provide suggestive evidence that services exports — which are much larger than merchandise exports for Lebanon -seem to have weathered the impacts of the war.

However, Alawite Islam is not the majority religion in Syria: Ina series of revolutionary anti-government uprisings spread across the Middle Eastwhich has been referred to as the Arab Spring.

Second, allying with Assad will provide Russia with more influence and favor from his regime in the future. Now, various other countries that experience uprisings will be impelled to take action comparable to the perverse actions taken by the Assad regime.

At the same time merchandise imports have been stable through the crisis.

Many firms which were not exporting to Syria in started to do so by The kick-off incident was the Tunisian Revolution in December ofwhich emboldened anti-government rebellions throughout other Arab countries.

In addition, it poses a clear and present danger to Christians in the region, as persecution quickly expands and with extraordinary barbarity. Refusing to act on this problem is a fickle solution, and, if the international community continues on their current path, then Syria, and the rest of the world, will turn to chaos.

The impact of the Syrian civil war on its neighbours: the trade channel

The trade prospects for Lebanon will crucially depend on a number of factors mainly linked to the Syrian war and to its regional spill overs: The war has caused devastation and hundreds of thousands deaths, displacing over 6 million people, and forcing another 3 million to flee the country as refugees.

The individual groups operate more-or-less independently, with their own command structures, and simply report to the SMC through the chain of command.

This does not pose as much of a threat as other aspects of the Syrian Civil War, but it is still important to preserve Syrian culture as a tribute to humanity as a whole. Again the replacement effect has been much smaller for Jordanian exporters.

But the Syrian war has also generated opportunities for Lebanese exporters to replace the loss of Syrian production in the Syrian market.

This is probably the result of increased demand due to refugee inflow offset by higher transit costs through Syria and depressed Syrian production.

The acceptance of the actions of Bashar al-Assad by the international community is unacceptable. We examine the case of Lebanon—the neighbouring country with the strongest links to Syria. Beyond the human tragedy, the conflict has disrupted the functioning of the economy.

Cultural heritage and recognition for every culture in the world is becoming increasingly important as the world becomes more unified, thus becoming similar.

Organic, historical, social, and political ties further tighten the relationship between the two countries.

This will cause pandemonium for international affairs, potentially leading to wars that could have been prevented had the countries involved taken decisive action earlier on. Another detrimental impact of the Syrian War is the morphing of Syrian culture.Civil wars are not only a human tragedy for the countries that experience them, but they can also have an impact on neighbouring countries.

That is the case also for the devastating civil war in Syria - one of the most violent in recent times. The war has caused devastation and hundreds of thousands deaths, displacing over 6 million people, and.

According to the Syrian Centre for Policy Research The think tank estimates thatpeople have been killed during the civil war, almost double the. Causes and Consequences of The Civil War in Syria Posted on December 14, by Karl Thompson Below are a few resources focusing on the causes and consequences of the ongoing (hopefully soon to be recent) civil war in Syria.

The Human cost of the Syrian Civil War.

What has been the real cost of Syria's civil war?

People who talk about the “horror” of chemical weapons go back to different weapons used in World War I that had more lingering effects, and do not seem to have any idea of the impact of artillery in producing the maimed and disabled or the suffering a major body wound with a bullet, shell.

The Syrian Civil War is an ideological step in the right direction for the region, but its negative impacts have seemed to outweigh the positive ones for other countries.

Global Though geographically distant, the problems experienced in Syria are of upmost importance to the entire world, and, without solving the problem of Syria's Civil War. The Syrian Civil War and its Effects By Shaheryar Gill Do you have questions about what is happening in Syria, who is fighting whom and what side everyone is on?

Effects of the syrian civil war
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