Essay on ipods in class

I think that they should allow cell phones and mp3 players in school.

It would send them into a panic, worrying that their kid is injured. The ones that get caught are usually the ones contacting a parent because they are sick and not paying attention to the teacher.

In this day and age cell phones and mp3 players are almost a necessity. This gets most teachers mad and many students upset.

They should be used appropriately throughout the school day and emergencies. It could make them use their phones less; we are more likely to do something were not allowed to do.

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That would also relieve the stress of the school board about having to tell the parents because the kids would have already done it. For example, while they read or do homework and likely concentrate better while doing this.

Have you ever been sitting in the middle of class and you hear a cell phone go off? They just want what is best for you and they want you to succeed in life. Having the phone sit in the office makes the school directly responsible for whether or not the cell phone is stolen or broken, which could result in a law suit, depending on the parents and the type of cell phone.

Using iPods in class during silent work would help the kids do their work more accurately. This can happen but might be less likely if the student is allowed to use it. If there is an emergency or accident the parents would want to know about it and if everyone is okay. The school board can only send out a voicemail so quickly and it would have all the information that their child would.

The common reaction is to look and see whose phone it was, then you lose focus and the teacher has to repeat what they were saying.

Those same kids also listen to music in their spare time. For one, it is safer to let children have their phones so they can contact their parents during the day, that way the parents know that their child is safe at school.

Students believe that teachers taking their phones away are not fair, when really you should have been paying attention to the lesson instead of distracting another student from learning. Most kids these days have low attention spans. So if we let them listen to music on their iPods or mp3 players during silent work, they would talk to other class mates less and they would finish their work more accurately and faster.

If they were allowed to use their phones, they would call their parents and tell them that everything is okay. There is no real downside to letting students have their cell phones mp3 players in class.Three kids who use iPods to focus and relax during class at Centaurus High School have A’s in their math class.

Another reason students should be allowed to have iPods in school is because using.

Pro- Cell Phones and Ipods in School

Should students have Ipods and phones in class? For the last 5 years Ipods and phones have been a major influence on teenagers in today’s society and the question of whether these forms of technology should be allowed in the classroom has been a common debate among many people.

Feb 14,  · Best Answer: Your language is essentially subjective and needs to be more direct. ie "if we could convince", "may be skeptical", then you go to more direct language "but we will prove to" So instead of "we could get ipods" say "I propose we get ipods, these ipods will be used for (recap the Status: Resolved.

Using iPods in class during silent work would help the kids do their work more accurately. Another concern is that a class mate might steal another class mate’s cell phone or mp3 player. This can happen but might be less likely if the student is allowed to use it.

- In science class we are learning about the anatomy of the ear and how sound is processed. Then the topic popped up about Ipods linking to premature hearing loss.

How often do you listen to music using earbuds or speakers at high sound levels. A survey done in Kentucky showed that 85% of teachers agreed that music could help some students focus and do better on class work assignments” (“iPods And Music Help Students Focus”).

Essay on ipods in class
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