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Adapted from Bate, D. You may also be required to demonstrate the extent to which you agree with a particular argument or hypothesis. Response essay - An essay based around the work, statement, or claim of another to either agree, disagree, point something out, or to expand in some way.

Clarify This means to provide insight into a subject, and quite literally, provide clarification. State To specify in clear terms the key aspects pertaining to a topic without being overly descriptive.

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Illustrate Such an answer will generally involve the use of many examples, such as tables, figures, graphs, or concrete research statistics and evidence. Discuss Present a point of view.

And remember two things. Figurative language involves symbolism or figures of speech that are not literally supposed to represent real things. Prove To conform or verify. Conclude by stating clearly how far you are in agreement with the original proposition.

Prewriting - Preparatory work done before writing. Hopefully, by examining and explaining essay question words, we have helped clarify their meanings and how you should approach them in your own essay writing.

Generally you are expected to label the diagram and in some cases add a brief explanation or description. Just remember that the key objective here is to give a nuanced account of a research topic or argument by examining its composite parts. Most commonly used in essays to specify where the page edge should sit and where the text should begin.

Overview - A summary of the main points of a piece of work, or a broad survey. Student insights are expected and arguments must be justified. Clarify Literally make something clearer and, where appropriate, simplify it.

Margin - The space between one element and another. This type of question calls for a complete and entailed answer.

Critically evaluate Give your verdict as to what extent a statement or findings within a piece of research are true, or to what extent you agree with them. Writing essays and Thought mapping written by Student Learning Development.Oxbridge Essays Updates; Recent Posts.

Analyse, Explain, Evaluate 22 essay question words and how to answer them. Essay question words. What are they? What do they mean? which should help you identify the type of response your essay requires. These are the question words we will cover in this blog: Critical question words.

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STARS Online Free Form Essay Questions Example of a Well-Written Essay Example #1 1) What are your short term academic goals? Explain how this scholarship will help you achieve your career goals in the next five years.

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( Examples of Well-Written Essay Author: leronicamcasey Created Date. Essay terms explained This glossary provides definitions of some of the more typical words that you may come across in an essay question. Please note that these definitions are meant to provide general, rather than exact guidance, and are not a substitute for reading the Explain Clarify a topic by giving a detailed account as to how and.

Analyse, Explain, Evaluate… 22 essay question words and how to answer them

Explain each of the terms: • Speech - it is a meaningful vocalised form of language and involves the physical motor ability to make sounds, i.e.

pronouncing articulate sounds and words accurately, and speaking fluently in the correct tone, volume and intonation. Explain how speech, language and communication skills support each of the following areas in children’s development • Learning – Speech, language and communication enables a child to develop a understanding of the world by being able to ask questions to build opinions but also an understanding.

Explain these two key terms: separation of spheres & the second shift. In what ways are these two concepts related?

Explain these terms essay
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