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These animals are soft and delicate. The plants which stay underwater depend upon the light coming from the sun for their growth. This increase however small have resulted in lowering of availability of dissolved oxygen.

We can save water by not using washing machines to clean clothes. Richness of Underwater Life: So, here in the first section of the article, we are giving 10 plus few more points or 10 lines on save water in English.

Save Water, Importance of Water -10 Lines Essay in English, Hindi (पानी बचाओ, पानी का महत्व)

The sea is home to a lot of life forms of which some are very important for humans because of its high demand and nutrition. Still, we waste a lot of water. Instead, we can use a bucket and mug. These animals are called as aquatic animals. The same way we can save water by taking bath with help of bucket and mug instead of a shower.

If these animals are in contact with the outer world in the absence of water they can not breathe they die every soon within few minutes. Public and government need to work together to save the water and to save the country.

Essay on Sea | Paragraph on Sea

This pollutes the water which is home to the aquatic life. Aquatic animals are limited and if they also get depleted, the next generation might not see them. This had led to lessening in the number of the whale fish.

Here is your paragraph on Life Underwater! But this man has disturbed the life cycle of aquatic animals because of his indiscriminate activities. These span the length which extends to kilometers at a stretch. We should fix water leakage at our home, school, hotels etc. At urban places, we should use rainwater harvesting to save water.

So now it is not legal to kill whales above a certain limit. Many animals in aquatic life are not defined yet and there are many new species that are born each day. So now boundaries have been given to the major countries who are dependent on the sea for resources in the form of few hundred nautical miles counted from their land.

We can save water with simple solutions at our level. Global warming have also effected marine life by increasing the temperature of the seawater and oceans.

Essay on Aquatic Animals (510 Words)

These snakes can be categorized as the aquatic animal. We need to use rainwater harvesting and Paanlot methods. The same goes to some fishes and other marine animal. This differences produces deep sea currents. There is a difference of temperature and salinity at different portions of the sea such as at different depths and different areas.

So the sea vegetation is adapted to photosynthesis at minimal light available to them. These aquariums are designed to sustain aquatic lives. These species are depleting day by day.

They have their separate lifestyle. Fish is one good example of aquatic animal.Essay on Aquatic Animals ( Words) Article shared by. Aquatic lives are much different than normal terrestrial lives.

Aquatic animals are those that live inside water. Short Essay on “Aquatic Life” Essay on “Aquaculture” ( Words) Essay on “Aquarium” ( Words) What is the Impact of Waste Accumulation on Terrestrial Aquatic. Free Essay: The Underwater World "There you are, totally weightless, quietly soaring just above the sea floor with only the smallest amount of physical Home Page; Writing; Essay on The Underwater World; Essay on The Underwater World.

Words 8 Pages. The Underwater World Theory of the Origin of Life being Underwater Hydrothermal Vents. Mar 06,  · Importance of Water: Lines Short Essay in English. Human life is not possible without water. Water is the source of life, but we humans fail to recognize its importance.

Importance of Water: Lines Short Essay in Hindi (जल/पानी का महत्व हिंदी निबंध)/5(54). Short Essay on “Aquatic Life” Aquatic life is one part of many life cycles that exist to maintain equilibrium of entire life cycle.

Food chain is highly dependant on the aquatic animals. Thus aquatic life has an immense importance in this world.

Theory of the Origin of Life being Underwater Hydrothermal Vents Essay examples - Theory of the Origin of Life being Underwater Hydrothermal Vents According to the Bible, God created the first man, Adam, from the soil and the first woman, Eve, from Adam’s rib.

Here is your paragraph on Life Underwater! Introduction: The realm below the surface of the water where the water remains in a natural state like in oceans, ponds, lakes etc. form the underwater. Paragraph on Life Underwater- by Anand.

Hindi essay on underwater life
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