How to swim the breaststroke

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Extended body position at the start of the stroke. Head When you are gliding, have your eyes looking down. Therefore, one way to improve How to swim the breaststroke times is to focus on the start and the turns. The delayed arm-recovery breaststrokers Soni, Gyurta, Larson either never drop the elbows on the pull and bring the elbows further back behind the chest, recovering with most of the forearm over the water Soni or slow the hands above the water before pushing them forward into the frontal streamline Gyurta, Larson.

Amanda Beardand few people have the flexibility to accomplish it. Breaststroke Swimming Lessons Learn Swimming Breaststroke gives an overview of our swimming lessons to learn the breaststroke.

Styles[ edit ] The three main styles of breaststroke seen today are the conventional flatundulating, and wave-style. There are two different ways to do the pulling motion: The following topics are covered: Your head should be between your arms, with your face looking at the bottom of the pool.

With either technique, the timing of all motions is critical. Here are our top resources for helping you swim better breaststroke: Since then FINA has amended the rules to allow a single dolphin kick on the breakout. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know Here is everything you ever wanted to know about the oldest stroke in competitive swimming, the breaststroke.

The British continued to swim only breaststroke until The movement starts with the outsweep. The wave-style pull is a circular motion with the hands accelerating to maximum speed and recovering in front of the chin, elbows staying at the surface and in front of the shoulders at all times.

No one has swum within a second of this mark in history. Thus, competitive swimmers usually make one underwater pull-out, pushing the hands all the way to the back after the start and each turn. When breathing squeeze your shoulders and bring them up to your ears. Louis, were remarkable for the fact it was the first time the breaststroke was raced, but it was also the only Olympics that was held in yards.

After the body is completely submerged, the body is pushed off the wall with both legs. Mouth Breathe in through the mouth, not the nose. Timing of leg and arm action. In order for that upper body energy to couple maximally with the kick, the most powerful moment of force from the kick must occur precisely when the kinetic energy of the upper body is greatest.

Use your hands to aim for where you want to lunge your head. That summer at the Athens Olympics Kosuke Kitajima of Japan performed a single dolphin kick off of the start and turn, powering him to edge out Brendan Hansen in the final of the m breaststroke. Knees As the knees straighten, turn and point the feet and draw the legs together so you can glide in a streamlined position.

A rule change came inbefore, the head had to be kept above the water surface during the entire stroke.


She closed off a long, consistent career with another bronze medal in the m breaststroke at the Sydney Games. A special feature of competitive breaststroke is the underwater pullout. In the world, there are lumpers and splitters.

Swim Drill Of The Week: Breaststroke Timing Progression

This was the beginning of the fork of the road that would lead to two separate strokes, the breaststroke and the butterfly stroke. Through better understanding of the co-ordination and timing of the stroke, swimmers are now capable of reaching speeds of up to 1. As a variant, it is possible to recover the arms over water.

Visualise yourself scooping the inside of a bowl, keeping the elbows within the span of your shoulders. In the thrust phase, the legs are moved elliptically back to the initial position.

The hollowed back and accelerating hands would lift the head out of the water.2 x 25’s swim breaststroke This drill progression is designed to develop a connected and well-timed breaststroke by starting with a drill that totally disconnects their stroke.

Breaststroke is an excellent alternative stroke for those swimmers who aren’t confident in their ability to use front crawl over the whole swim section.

How to Swim the Breaststroke

Although not the fastest stroke, well-executed basic breaststroke can be more efficient and economical than weak front crawl, and so is a great. Breaststroke is the most challenging, inefficient and slowest of the four strokes. It is also the key to a successful IM.

2 Breaststroke Techniques and 3 Key Timing Tips

Current photo via Tim Binning/ The fifth and final day. Of the four competition strokes in swimming -- backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle -- breaststroke is the slowest.

For example, the world record for the men's meter breaststroke is justwhile the world record for the men's meter freestyle is I coach swim and water polo and have struggled to get my swimmers to do a legal breaststroke kick.

These fins force your feet in the proper position. It is almost impossible to do it /5(79). Swim news, swimming videos, college swimming and Olympic swimming coverage, everything for the swimmer and the swim fan.

How to swim the breaststroke
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