Intercultural experience

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Intercultural Experience

After Intercultural experience years in India, the next culture shock came when I moved to US for my graduate studies. The beautiful churches, the castles, some medieval towns, the vast acres of gorgeous rapeseed farms, the city centres with stone paved roads; they were like scenes right out of a picture postcard!

I enjoy learning about other cultures and learning how they are different from the American culture I was brought up in. Race has been used to explain Intercultural experience absence of research. Instead of treating time as a commodity that must be managed properly to avoid being wasted, they perceive time more like a never ending river flowing into the future.

Also, during my stay in Germany I came to know that most shops would be closed on Sundays! The differences between the language spoken in the American culture and Hispanic culture is in the American culture the most spoken language is English while in the Hispanic culture the most spoken language is Spanish otherwise known to those of the culture as Espanol Mexicano, meaning Mexican Spanish.

But as time went by I got used to it. There are so many wonderful benefits: I interviewed a Hispanic woman, I met at the trolley hop, about her culture and how its different from the other cultures in America.

However, the term "Latino" does not include individuals from Spanish-speaking countries outside of Latin America e.

My intercultural experience in Germany

The schnitzel, pretzels, the different German breads, sausages, different cakes, pastries, the different ways they prepare potatoes and of course the beer! During the one month in Germany, I had the chance to travel a bit and experience some local traditions.

A difference between the Hispanic and American culture is that the Hispanic culture is more of an collectivistic culture meaning that they place a greater emphasis on family and loyalty to their family then on the needs of the individual. It came as a pleasant surprise when I met some Germans who work at the apartment hotel where we were staying, who loved Indian cinema Bollywood movies.

Yet, unlike race or national origin, ethnicity is a sociological construct highly correlated with behavioral and cultural phenomena, particularly language, dress, adornment, food preference, religion, social interaction, marriage and family customs.

There are many differences between the Hispanic culture and the American culture. One survey identified 86 assessment instruments for 3C.

My first intercultural experience

And both cultures value expressing yourself. High uncertainty avoidance cultures [4] [22] Countries exhibiting high Uncertainty Avoidance Index or UAI maintain rigid codes of belief and behavior and are intolerant of unorthodox behavior and ideas; Members of society expect consensus about national and societal goals; Society ensures security by setting extensive rules and keeping more structure; High uncertainty avoidance cultures are Greece, Guatemala, Portugal, and Uruguay.

Ignorance to diversity and cultural groups contributes to prevention of peaceful interaction in a fast-paced globalizing world. And the American music industry is the largest in the world.

Another similarity between the American and Hispanic culture is when it comes to cuisine in the American culture it depends on your standard of living and what region you live in on what type of food you eat.

Such experiences may motivate the individual to acquire skills that can help him to communicate his point of view to an audience belonging to a different cultural ethnicity and background. This is similar to the Hispanic culture because the type of cuisine you eat depends on your standard of living and what part of Mexico you were brought up in.

Intercultural competence

Te gusta estudiar lenguas?Intercultural competence is a range of cognitive, affective, and behavioural skills that lead to effective and appropriate communication with people of other cultures.

[1] [2] [3] Effective intercultural communication relates to behaviors that culminate with the accomplishment of the desired goals of the interaction and all parties involved in. Intercultural Experience Community.

Live with students from all over the world! Join the Intercultural Experience Community! If you are interested in learning about other cultures, this is your place to live! During the one month in Germany, I had the chance to travel a bit and experience some local traditions and fell the differences in India and Germany.

International experience is about more than crossing borders and visiting other countries. It’s about the meeting of different people, languages, traditions, values and ways of interpreting the world — international experience is intercultural experience.

Intercultural Experience To complete this assignment I went to a cultural festival in downtown Louisville called the trolley hop. At the trolley hop there were many different cultures and cultural foods.

Intercultural Experience The U.S.

Intercultural Experience Essay

is made of diverse cultures, which in turn labeled us the "melting pot". One of the largest minority groups within the United States is the Asian American culture.

Intercultural experience
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