Literature review of tesco customer satisfaction

Research aim and objectives The researcher would like to represent the research aim and objectives as follows- Research aim: To critically review the literature on the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, including analyzing and defining the concept of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, exploring the factors affecting customer satisfaction, analysing the constituent elements of customer loyalty attitudinal and behavioural and why customer loyalty is seen as very important for organization like Tesco PLC in the UK.

Buffa further called for continued research in strategic issues such as planning and control, technology, and location analysis among others.

Critical analysis of customer satisfaction and loyalty (Tesco, UK)

Originally 10 dimensions of service quality were proposed reliability, responsiveness, competence, access, courtesy, communication, credibility, security, understanding the consumer, and tangibles in SERVQUAL model and later these were reduced to five reliability, responsiveness, empathy, assurances and tangibles.

It should however be noted that the current expansion of its retail market into Europe and Asian markets have direct implications on operational management Nice group, Through its effective supply chain management, Tesco has emerged as a market leader in the retailing industry in UK Austin, The final chapter has been designated to present conclusions and recommendations, including key summary of the primary data, key summary of the secondary data, recommendations to academic and organizational perspective, self-reflection on research project, future research opportunities etc.

It is concerned with activities producing goods or involved in the delivery of services required by customers Johnston et al, What is the potential effect of efficient operational management on customer satisfaction? Decision Sciences 12, — Relationship between satisfaction and loyalty Shaw and Reed described that customer satisfaction is widely believed to have a sequential structure which impacts on purchasing and therefore loyalty.

However, he stated that a customer may continue to buy from a business because of the relationship that has made by the business and offering products and services according to their demands and expectations.

Customer service has thus become the main priority for these organizations to retain their market share and increase on their profitability.

On the contrary, qualitative approaches are non-numerical and focus on gathering mainly verbal data Stuart et al, A review and classification of empirical research in operations management. This proposal thus seeks to examine the effectiveness of operational management in achieving better customer satisfaction within a customer facing B2C organisation.

They also mentioned that improving customer satisfaction index can be a core measure, alongside sales targets and profitability.

In this regard, customer satisfaction is of particular importance to Tesco PLC. Slack et al asserts that the objectives of operation management relate to stakeholders interest.

When looking at qualitative versus quantitative methods of data collection, it is obvious that there are advantages and disadvantages associated with each methodology.

Further, the concept of operational management has revolutionized beyond just the internal production and manufacturing. Moreover, Macauley ; Galvan ; Hart and Bruce added that a literature review may constitute an essential chapter of a dissertation for the purpose of: Journal of Operations Management 1, 1—8.

This research project is based on the critical analysis of the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at Tesco plc, UK. It builds the foundation and background of the research project. This analysis thus seeks to examine the effectiveness of operational management in ensuring customer satisfaction within a customer facing B2C organization.

A classification and evaluation of research in operations management. Thus, based on the definitions of customer loyalty, it can be noted that customer loyalty is a devotion to an organization by the customer. For this purpose, we selected a case study of Tesco PLC to obtain the relevant data for this analysis.

In particular, the recommendations on survey piloting, layout and questionnaire design by ChurchillDillman and Conant et al will be adopted. Journal of Operations Management, 16 4 Customer service is therefore, key to operational management.

Time constraints in conducting the research, analysis and interpreting results. There may have several sources to conduct critical review of literature, but Saunders et al. Journal of Operations Management, 9 2Are Tesco customers exhibiting a more social type of loyalty towards Tesco and A critical analysis of the nature and type of Tesco customer loyalty to Tesco in Dundee.

Jason James Turner Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) The University of Edinburgh Literature Review of Social and Customer Relationships: Introduction: Customer. Chapter Literature Review- Customer satisfaction in call center - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.5/5(16).

May 29,  · The researcher has divided review of literature into three main sections, such as overview of customer satisfaction within an organization, including Tesco PLC, UK; overview of customer loyalty of an organization, including Tesco PLC, UK; and relation between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty within an organization, including Tesco PLC.

To infer the correlation between operational management and better customer satisfaction; LITERATURE REVIEW management relate to stakeholders interest.

In this regard, customer satisfaction is of particular importance to Tesco PLC. In order to ensure customer satisfaction through operational management, Tesco’s operation performance. This paper focuses on Tesco as an international retailer, primarily how its focus on service quality is directly linked to customer satisfaction.

By analyzing the key elements of Tesco services namely; the Tesco Brand, the segmentation of Tesco's market and Tesco's ethical and cultural dimensions. AN ANALYSIS OF TESCO PLC FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE OPERATIONS AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Dr.

Lalita Shukla Guest Lecturer, Govt. K.R.G. P.G. College, Gwalior, M.P., India Email: [email protected] ABSTRACT LITERATURE REVIEW.

Literature review of tesco customer satisfaction
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