Lord of the flies jack journal entries

Ralph talked about beast tonight to clear the fact that there is no beast. I wanted to give a party when he left. One of the first things that came up was naming a chief, I was obviously the best choice but I With him was a fat slob of a thing heh apparently his name is Piggy, no wonder.

It was loud and obnoxious but we knew it was a signal and that someone was calling for us. Thank God my specs did not break up, otherwise I would be a fool blind.

Velkan The Impaler This is a school assignment where I had to keep a journal for Jack as the story progressed. I never even dreamt of making home for myself.

I was so scared and somehow managed him not to do so. At that meeting, Raplh established the fact that we were on an uninhabited island and that we would have to look after ourselves.

Now on to more important matters. Ralph have to look after ourselves. Simon too did a lot. But then a small figure came out of the shadows He then ranted on about his dad being in the Navy. After eating we started to dance, using Rodger as our pig we played a little game where we caught him, it was wild fun!

Than Ralph immediately called for an assembly. The island in many ways is exactly as dreadful as school. I, even, do not want to think about that…. We started by going through a thick jungle where we saw a piglet entangled in some creepers.

Your review has been posted. There was one kid, Piggy a little fat wears spectacles. I gave everyone some meat to cook and eat, except Piggy, he could probably live off his fat!

As I write this, I hear the boys calling me over, shouting something about hearing a trumpet or a conch shell or something. I decided to split up my hunting team, and part of that group would be responsible for making sure the fire would still go strong. Day Ahhh, one more burning day has started at this island and today it is a cloudy day; I hate clouds, they give me sadness.

We were too late and the fire was dead! O God, why did not you send this ship when I was alive??????????????? He follows me with a loyalty that none of the other boys seem to possess.

For whatever reason, the three of us decided to climb it. There must have been other kids in it. He was busy describing his hunt and was overly excited. Now I am a ghost; no one can see me, feel me and listen me.Dec 02,  · Hello this is 1 of the 3 journal entries I have to write as the character Piggy in the "Lord of the Flies".

This is for a grade 10 academic English class, any suggestions of grammar corrections would be much appreciated. In January, my English teacher had us read Lord of the Flies, and an assignment to go with it involved getting assigned a character and we had to keep a journal for that character.

In case you couldn't tell, my character was Jack. Posted in Island, Lord of the Flies Journal Entries on May 29, | 1 Comment» Read the riveting accounts of life on the island for Ralph, Jack, Piggy, Simon and SamandEric: Notes from the Island. Lord of the Flies is an island adventure novel by the Nobel Prize winning author William Golding.

Lord of the flies has been adapted into a movie and several stage productions. Lord of the Flies is often hailed as one of the best books of all time. Hey I just wanted to say Hi, ive been watching this Journal for a long time and finally decided to join lol.

Also i was wondering if anyone knows any amazing sites to find-avatars-Wallpapers-Decent Pictures-Fanfics-Fan videos etc For lord of the flies. Lord Of The Flies Jack Journal Entries. leader, but in the end they are persuaded by Jack that he would make a better leader.

This is because Jack can fulfill their desires and Ralph can't. Ralph wants what is better for them not what they want. At the beginning everyone seems to understand that, but is lead astray by Jack. Leadership: A leader requires .

Lord of the flies jack journal entries
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