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Srinivasan, "Polarization properties of dipolelike defect modes in photonic crystal nanocavities," Optics Letters, v27 5pp.

Graduate Student Neurobiology Michael received his B. Her doctoral thesis focused on developing algorithms for quantitative analysis of large-scale calcium imaging data. He was a software engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the AI group and worked on planning and decision-making algorithms for autonomous systems.

Before joining Caltech, he was involved in multiple projects on structural biology and protein engineering. Capasso, "Lasing mode pattern of a quantum cascade photonic crystal surface-emitting microcavity laser," App. Herein, advanced optogenetic techniques, viral tracing methods, and the combined use of tissue clearing with subcellular labeling methodologies will be used to examine CRF system plasticity in the brain.

Botond Roska with a focus on studying cell-cell interactions using the atomic force microscope, Matthew borselli thesis caltech engineering new methods for targeted gene delivery using viral vectors. Painter, "Momentum space design of high-Q photonic crystal optical cavities," Optics Express, v10 15pp.

During his undergraduate, Gerry investigated an array of research topics: This article may be downloaded for personal use only. Dapkus, "Tailoring of the resonant mode properties of optical nanocavities in two-dimensional photonic crystal slab waveguides," Journal of Optics A-Pure and Applied Optics, v3 6pp.

As a postdoctoral fellow in the Gradinaru lab, Nick aims to engineer systemically delivered viral vectors that are capable of modulating activity in specific neural circuits, thereby providing a noninvasive approach for the modulation of defined neural circuits.

In the Gradinaru Lab, Gerry is taking a multi-pronged approach to studying how behavioural stress impinges upon reproduction. Yehuda Haas, focused on environmental effects on ultrafast molecular photo-induced reactions in condensed phase. Major projects included developing passive vaccination strategies for treating drug abuse, investigating the in vivo relevance of methamphetamine-initiated advanced glycation endproduct formation in the pathophysiological symptoms of chronic methamphetamine addiction, and finally, studying the role of corticotropin releasing factor receptor type-1 signaling in maladaptive states.

Capasso "Fabrication technologies for quantum cascade photonic-crystal microlasers," Nanotechnology, Vol. In the Gradinaru Lab, Rose is studying the neural circuitry of the mammalian cardiac nervous system using tissue clearing, viral tracing, and optogenetic techniques.

Scherer, "Finite-difference time-domain calculation of the spontaneous emission coupling factor in optical microcavities," IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, v35 8pp. CRFr2, contribute to the persistence of pathological anxiety and stress-related disorders.

His thesis focused on top-down control of the serotonergic dorsal raphe nucleus by the ventromedial prefrontal cortex in the context of social behaviors and depression.

In his doctorate degree, Alon conducted biophotonics research under Prof. Srinivasan, "Localized defect states in two-dimensional photonic crystal slab waveguides: Painter, Kitzke B, A. As a graduate student, she is interested in engineering AAV capsids for broad applications.

Scherer, "Modal reflectivity in finite-depth two-dimensional photonic-crystal microcavities," Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics, v15 3pp. In the Gradinaru Lab, Xiaozhe is working on developing new molecular tools and viral vectors for neuroscience.

Some of the most promising silicon photonics technologies are chip-to-chip and intra-chip optical interconnects. Yariv, "Emission properties of a defect cavity in a two-dimensional photonic bandgap crystal slab," Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics, v17 4pp.

Scherer, "Defect modes of a two-dimensional photonic crystal in an optically thin dielectric slab," Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics, v16 2pp. Sercel, "Fiber-coupled microsphere laser," Optics Letters, v25 19pp. Min Jee Jang, Ph. An external silica fiber taper probe was developed to test the microcavities in a rapid wafer-scale manner.

Internal or personal use of this material is permitted. Painter, "Experimental demonstration of evanescent coupling from optical fiber tapers to photonic crystal waveguides," Electronics Letters, v39 11pp.

Yariv, "Photonic bandgap disk laser," Electronics Letters, v35 7pp. Aydogan Ozcan, focusing on high-resolution and high-throughput microscopy for biomedical applications. While pursuing his Ph.[10] T. J. Johnson, M. Borselli, and O. Painter, “Self-induced optical modulation of the transmission through a high- Q silicon microdisk resonator,” Opt.


. Publications Pre-Group Group publications in CaltechAUTHORS. Aaron Young (SURF/Undergraduate Senior Thesis, July ) Sasha Anferov (Undergaduate Senior Thesis, July ) Matthew Matheny (Post-Doc and Staff Scientist; January ).

Apr 14,  · Matthew Cook. Ph. D. Thesis, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Matthew Taylor Pakistan Thesis – – Jacob Matthew Taylor Certifies that this is the approved Matthew Borselli Thesis Caltech – – Matthew Borselli Thesis Caltech. Matthew Borselli Thesis Caltech. Matthew borselli thesis caltech 99% orders delivered on time!Essay USA: Matthew Borselli Thesis Caltech we always complete the orders on time!.

The sort of credential caltech borselli matthew buy essays online for college thesis. This thesis focuses on the many challenges in generating silicon-based laser sources.

Viviana Gradinaru, Ph.D.

As most CMOS compatible gain materials possess at most 1 dB/cm of gain, much of our work has been devoted to minimizing the optical losses in silicon optical microresonators.

Matthew borselli thesis caltech
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