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Suddenly, police are breaking into his apartment and finding obviously planted cocaine. In a twist on the usual sense of the phrase, is it right to use "extreme measures" in the pursuit of research breakthroughs? Commentary The summary says it all, or most of it.

What are the Movie report extreme measures human costs of medical research?

Enter the prize-laden Dr. Oct Summary This medical thriller begins with two crazed naked men escaping from an unmarked urban institutional building. Guy Luthan Hugh Grant. There probably are cultures based on more communal ethics whose members would not see the point of the argument, but it is our current agreement that individual rights weigh heavily against the demands made on them by social needs such as those that drive applied medical research.

She hopes that Luthan will use the data in the right way. Lawrence Myrick Gene Hackmanwho explains to Luthan that he is trying to develop a medical procedure that will regenerate human nerve tissue and has been secretly using the homeless as guinea pigs.

The patient dies while exhibiting baffling symptoms and under suspicious circumstances. He is superb as a buttoned-down, highly competent "realist. Luthan is fired by the hospital, his promising career apparently ruined by a faceless criminal conspiracy.

He is pursued by armed agents, is wounded, and wakes up in a hospital bed paralyzed from the neck down. Luthan smilingly enters a stone building with "Neurology" carved in the lintel. We praise self-sacrifice, which has the energy of all the rights it yields, but except in wartime we do not systematically require individuals to sacrifice themselves.

Still intrigued by the mystery patient, Luthan follows some street leads that take him to the Inferno-like caverns underneath Grand Central Station and the homeless people who live there. In the film the debate is pretty well represented by a few lines.

Of course, Luthan escapes from the bed. On the way out he encounters Myrick and his armed agents in the lobby, where there is one last round in the ethical debate before Myrick is accidentally killed by one of his henchman.Audience Reviews for Extreme Measures A great Thriller from the 90's with a slightly more serious role from Hugh Grants and less typecast than we are used to.

An original plot which has been 56%. Sep 27,  · Entertaining, but a lot like "coma" with Michael Douglas. Nothing really original in the movie, apart from the fact that the main person doesn't happen to get into a relationship during the movie and all that sort of sideline nonesense/10(K).

The summary says it all, or most of it. This film (besides its wishful parallel to Hugh Grant's own recent stumble) is a pretty straightforward thriller with an important ethical question in the middle of it.

Extreme Measures NR Subtitles and Closed Captions IMDb /10 Included with Cinemax on Amazon for $/month after trial Even 2 decades after this movie was released, the ethical and moral questions this movie raises are still relevant.

Comment Report abuse. A. Nathaniel Wallace, Jr. out of 5 stars A Great Medical Thriller. Watch online full movie Extreme Measures () for free arab sub Thriller about Guy Luthan (Hugh Grant), a British doctor working at a hospital in New York who stream movies.

Sep 27,  · As the movie opens, Hugh Grant plays a young New York emergency room surgeon named Guy Luthan. He gets a patient--bald, middle-aged, naked, delusional--whose symptoms confuse him. The patient eventually dies, and when Guy goes looking for the autopsy report, he is startled to discover that the body, and all records involving it, apparently have disappeared.3/5.

Movie report extreme measures
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