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Nike also sells plastic products to other manufactures through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Tetra Plastics, Inc. The net results were that athletes could train longer in more Nike term paper, and reduce injury at the same time.

By focussing on its apparel line Nike has enabled itself to branch out into a market that is not necessarily sports related thus broadening its market access.

By applying their production expertise to other areas Nike can gain the same cost structure benefits. In this respect, it is necessary to remind that one of its major competitors was Reebok which currently has a merchandising contract with the National Football League and the National Hockey League in the US.

These practices have helped Nike build a trust with the consumer and reap the benefits of in the form of increasing sales and corporate profit on a yearly basis. Revenues and profit have not risen in response to this greater accumulation of debt and Nike might face some serious problems in the future if this Nike term paper continues.

Many people would ask the question: These athletes enter into lucrative contracts with Nike and this constitutes a mutual relationship. Another thing that you might not know about Nike workers is the low pay they receive.

This strategy worked mainly because of the enormous brand loyalty that Nike enjoyed compared to its competitors.

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Nike sees distribution as critical to their business and both own and operates domestic distribution centers for footwear located in Wilsonville, Oregon; Memphis, Tennessee; and Greenland, New Hampshire. Summary and Evaluation Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that the development of Nike was traditionally focused on the expansion in new markets and in the late s this trend became dominant and led to the shift of the production to Asian countries.

An area where Nike has had traditional strength that of celebrity endorsement poses a serious threat if steps are not taken to rectify what is becoming a bad situation.

A factory can exist solely to meet demand from Nike. In addition to a significant in-house branding effort, the company also operations through wholly-owned subsidiaries including Cole Haan Holdings, Bauer Nike Hockey, Hurley International, and Coverse.

Without diversification Nike could face a shift in comer preferences that they are ill-equipped to handle.

There are several reasons for the success Nike has enjoyed over its brief corporate history. Supporting this leading market share of shoes and athletic goods is a vast network of 28, retail accounts in the U. An attitude of complacency with respect to their success and growth could derail Nike as quickly as the absence of that attitude propelled them to the top of the athletic apparel market.

We the consumer enable them to continue this kind of business, because we buy the product. Improved wages, educational opportunities, and a more sensitive approach to local governmental influences have improved what could have been a public relations disaster.

The process of innovation begins with the type of people Nike employs.

Even if an individual store policy restricts returns the consumer can send the item to the nearest corporate office for replacement if there is any defect either in material or production. In terms of manufacturing and distribution, the company has opted to outsource the production of the majority of their footwear and apparel products to independent contractors outside the U.

With the retirement of Michael Jordan, Nike is left for the first time in years without a primary spokesperson. Because of their large size and the utilization of both economies of scale and diversified labor supplies Nike has been able to keep production cost down while maintaining the overall quality of the product line.

At the same time, it is necessary to remind that the dominant position that, in the case of Nike, was next to monopoly, and the lack of competition often threaten to deteriorate the quality of products manufacture by the company an that was probably another reason explaining the growing role of Reebok in the market and inability of Nike to totally surpass its main competitor.

In this respect, it should be said that Nike targeted at the mass audience creating a very prestigious brand which could be available to average people making them closer to their favorite sportsmen whom many customers simply imitated and bought Nike.

The shoes that these workers are making cost Nike about five dollars per shoe, and on an average, they sell for one hundred dollars or more depending on the shoe. It takes the average worker one hour of wages to be able to buy 1 kilogram of rice. The average consumer is less likely to identify with the superstar athlete today than in past generations.

I know that Nike is just one of thousands of companies that have taken their labor overseas, so that the product can be made at a fraction of its cost. In Novembera series of Nike advertisements in Singapore designed to resemble graffiti drew censure and anger in that nation, a bastion of civic order.

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- The paper examines the success of Nike in the s, identifying their core values, the elements of their competitive advantage and their subcontracting policies.

but in the field of long-term energy needs longer time funding. And finance, can be short-term bases Nike RT bank use overdraft. The company needed to funds for the next five.

Economics term papers (paper ) on Nike: In the beginning of NIKE Inc. came about when Coach Bill Bowermen and business student Phil Knight, both from the University of Oregon, felt th.

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