Pest analysis of telecommunication industry

Customers are left with less than a handful of options when it comes to buying internet, mobile, and television packages. There are a number of companies which offer similar products like Telecom Corporation.

Safety and easy accessibility with respect to mobile phones must also be considered by the company. The satellite and Cable TV operators are now competing for buyers. Technological factors Both needs and requirements for telecom services are advancing.

Telecom Corporation being a part of this highly competitive industry must make sure that it offers products that are innovation and better than the competitors so as ensure long tern existence and sustainability.

This can drive prices plus revenue up depending on location, amount of customers in an area, and the need for telecommunication services. Power of Buyers With incremented choice of telecom services and products, the bargaining power of customers is increasing Mansell, Moreover, other weaknesses related to Telecom Corporation New Zealand in particular are diseconomies to scale, low market share and lack of diversification.

For example, telephone companies install fiber wire in their builds over copper now. The government has one idea how telecoms should be handled. There exists the need for the company to remain up-to-date about the latest techniques and what customers prefer the most.

Competitive Rivalry There exists high level of competition within the telecom segment since there are number of renowned companies offering similar products Armstrong, In this continuously changing business environment, company like Telecom Corporation needs to make sure that it offers products and services that are exceptional and innovative Armstrong, Additionally, it also provides IT consulting, execution and procurement and lastly, equipment sales and installation facilities telecomgroup.

Telecommunication has become a vastly important aspect of the daily life of the average person. Social factors Telecommunications horizontal growth is limited. There has been an increase in the desire for mobile phones which include basic features like alert for messages, camera, internet etc.

Power of Suppliers It might appear that telecom equipment suppliers have significant bargaining power over Telecom Corporation Mansell, Customers believe internet and data should be treated the same by service providers and the government.

Net neutrality would prevent, for example, service providers from throttling internet and data speeds.


The corporation provides its services through several divisions including Xtra, Gen-i and PowerTel. Technological Factors The rate of technological modification is vital in the telecommunication segment. As more houses are built, the need for telecommunication resources increase.

All new and existing technologies and products need to follow a strict set of rules laid by the government. There exists the need for the company to keep pace with the changing environment and facilitate its customers with exceptional and unparalleled products and services that to at a price lower than the competitors.

PESTLE Analysis of the Telecommunication Industry

Customers need these packages to communicate with friends, partake in social media challenges, buy products online, find stable careers and more.

Porters Five Force Analysis According to Porterthere are five key forces that shape and influence every business and industry. Phones are becoming more compact, moving the telecom business into a primarily wireless business.

A battle for and against net neutrality is raging. Social Factors Some of the major social forces which have affected the telecom segment New Zealand are those associated with safety and effectiveness Malerba and Orsenigo, Political factors Regulation issues come up frequently. Conclusion To conclude, it can be clearly stated form the above discussion that Telecom Corporation New Zealand operates within a very competitive and rapidly altering environment.

So, data is added to mobile plans. The people have another. Even applying to a job is an online experience; going to a company website and uploading a resume on their servers is essential.PEST Analysis A PEST analysis for the telecommunication companies or industry is split into the four distinct groups namely; political, economic, social and technological (Barney, ).

Further, the continuing sections provide PEST analysis of Telecom Corporation New Zealand. PESTEL Analysis of Telecommunication Industry The telecommunication industry has gone through a lot of changes to stand out in the competitive business world.

The telecommunication industry has experienced a steady GDP growth during the last five years. A PEST analysis is part of the external analysis that is carried out when doing market research, and gives an idea of the macroenvironmental factors that a company needs to keep in consideration.

PEST Analysis of Pakistan Telecommunication Sector:5/5(4). The research analyzes the Telecommunications Industry in India in a PEST Framework Analysis. A PEST analysis is concerned with the environmental influences on a business.

The acronym stands for the Political, Economic, Social and Technological issues that Price: € Industry Analysis of Telecommunication Industry in Srilanka Essay INDUSTRY ANALYSIS -PORTERS FIVE FORCES MODEL THREAT OF SUBSTITUTES THREAT OF NEW ENTRANTS Etisalat supposed to invest US$Mn in an expansion Dialog offers the.

Pest Analysis of Textile Industry Words Oct 30th, 5 Pages PEST ANALYSIS A PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological) analysis is a major part of the environmental scanning section of strategic management and it is used by companies during market research and.

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Pest analysis of telecommunication industry
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