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The animals are unable to use the surrounding areas as habitat fragmentation of their natural habitat has led to the reserves becoming isolated. Despite the existence of this act, poaching killing of game animals is still a big national problem.

WWF will also work on the building of a community based institution for wildlife conservation. Many species are destroyed by man by hunting and capturing. Kaziranga National Park, Assam one homed Rhinoceros. However, none of these legislations made it possible to coordinate efforts for wildlife protection on the national level.

The programme of mechanization of fishing crafts, providing subsidy up to 33 per cent of the cost of vessels to fishermen, permitting use of foreign fishing vessels and joint ventures, constructing 23 minor fishing harbors and 96 fish landing centers apart from four major fishing harbors i.

Background With a few notable exceptions, populations of the 3 Asian rhino species Greater One-horned rhinoceros Rhinoceros unicornis Preservation of wildlife in india essay, Javan rhinoceros Rhinoceros sondaicus and Sumatran rhinoceros Dicerorhinus sumatrensis — and the Asian Elephant Elephas maximus have experienced major declines over the past few decades as a result of habitat loss, fragmentation, and poaching.

Donate money or time to organizations that protect wildlife and their habitats, join a community group that helps rebuild native habitats for wildlife. Therefore, the need for wildlife conservation has now become a necessity. As Catholics, we believe we are created in the image of God and it is our duty to help those who cannot help themselves.

Understand the conservation status of the red panda in Sikkim. Wildlife conservation encompasses all human activities and efforts directed to preserve wild animal from extinction it involves both protection and scientific management of wild species. Expensive purses and belts are made out of skin of snakes, crocodiles and the snow leopard.

Encourage low-intensity land use throughout the conservation landscape that are compatible with wildlife use and dispersal, yet provide equivalent benefits. Protection by Legislation 7. During the fifth plan, the Govt. Role of Fisheries in Rural Development: In many areas, the only chance to maintain or rebuild viable rhino and elephant populations is to include the larger landscape in conservation planning.

Hence drastic steps are to be taken to rectify the situation. India has vast potential of marine fishing resources comparing 20 lakh sq.

6 Important Methods for Conservation of Wildlife in India

A broad-based awareness programme will also be initiated at the middle of the first year to make the people of the state aware about the conservation issues for this species.

Efficacy of captive breeding programme for saving gravely threatened species in wild is borne out by success of crocodile breeding project in India. Steps taken for Wildlife Conservation In India! Some steps in the direction of wildlife conservation could be as follows: WWF-India proposes to work with the forest department and other government agencies securing critical corridors and curbing poaching and illegal wildlife trade.

A properly planned, development programme encompassed under a national fisheries policy, could aim at achieving a four to five folds increase in production from the present level of a million tones in the coming decade.Wildlife Conservation in India: Steps taken for Wildlife Conservation In India!

Like forests, wildlife is also a national resource which not only helps in maintaining the ecological balance but is also beneficial from economic, recre­ational and aesthetic points of view.

There was a time when human. The Wild Life (Protection) Act, is implemented throughout India except J & K for wild life conservation and protection of endangered species. J & K has its own Wildlife Protection Act.

Project Tiger: 'Project Tiger', a centrally sponsored scheme, was launched in April 1, to save tigers. In this article we will discuss about the Preservation of Wildlife in India: 1.

Introduction to Preservation of Wildlife 2. Importance of Preservation of Wildlife 3.

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Cause of Wildlife Destruction 4. Methods of Preserving Wildlife 5. Sanctuaries and National Parks in India 6. Protection by Legislation 7. Wildlife Organizations in India. Jun 09,  · Conservation Of Wildlife Essay Wild Life Short On Preservation 1 Example Of Essay ~ preservation of wildlife essay preservation of wildlife in india essay short essay on preservation of wildlife.

Essays on Wildlife preservation The Wildlife preservation is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents. If you are stuck with writing or missing ideas, scroll down and. Apr 19,  · Wildlife plays an important role in balancing the environment and provides stability to different natural processes of nature.

Wildlife Preservation Essay

It can be found in all ecosystems, desert, rainforests, plains and other areas. India's wildlife is both rich and varied, it includes all flora and fauna, animals, plants and macro All Essay.

Preservation of wildlife in india essay
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