Roles of the first attending officer essay

This may include covering items, to shelter them from rain, having other personnel guard the item or even moving the item to a safer place. This can be accomplished by simply using clean cardboard boxes to cover the relevant areas, or in some instances a tent may be erected.

Once an item has been moved or altered in any way the officer needs to ensure that the details of the item is recorded, how it was originally found, how it has been altered, the reason for its removal and where it has been moved to.

Errors made by the first attending officer may never be amended. If he executes them carefully, he will have initiated a proper professional investigation. Separate the witnesses so as to obtain independent statements. An officer must first attend to or request help for those who require it.

See body-worn video for detailed guidance on using BWV in domestic abuse incidents. As a general rule, do not question him or her at this stage. Packaging of Physical Evidence As with recovery methods, the packaging and storage of physical evidence is dependent on the nature of the evidence.

Safeguarding the Scene and Detaining Witnesses or Suspects The first officer at the scene of a homicide is immediately confronted with a multitude of problems, which he must quickly analyze so as to take the necessary steps.

Major investigation and public protection

If this is by interview at a later stage, supervisors should be mindful that dealing with domestic abuse incidents may sometimes trigger an officer to disclose personal experience of domestic abuse and they should be prepared to offer welfare support if this happens.

Officers could make a return visit to the premises or arrange for the neighbourhood policing team to make contact. The exact time the call was received. The suspect is likely to have had legitimate access to the scene but there is still potential for forensic evidence to corroborate the victim or witness account.

Roles of the first attending officer Essay Sample

Notification of a Possible Homicide: Keep in mind the possibility of a multiple series of crime scenes. Crime Scene Preservation The barriers of a crime scene are established, ensuring that all vital pieces of evidence plus entrances and exits are included, and a physical barrier placed around the scene.

When an officer is removing anyone from the scene, it is important to determine if they witnessed anything that may be relevant to the investigation.

Notifications must be made to superiors, investigators, and specialized units. Usual police activities are either emergencies, requiring automatic reaction, or routine handling of called-for-services.

It is also important that only the necessary people enter the crime scene and that all non-essentials be kept out.

Roles of the first attending officer.

I have provided ten practical rules of procedure, which may be used as a guide in initiating a professional homicide investigation. The nature of the evidence itself will determine the method of collection and how it is contained. As the officer will be very busy attending to people and setting out the crime scene, they may not have time to request each individual support personnel that will be needed.

Although the formal investigation will be conducted by detectives or the criminal investigator, it is the first officer who has the responsibility of initiating the investigation.

Initiate support and protection for victims It is the responsibility of first responders to initiate safety planning and set out options for the victim, even where this is subsequently followed up by a specialist officer.

Crime Scenes

Therefore, the idea is to cover the item with something clean and that is not part of the original crime scene. He usually arrives a short time after in response to a radio transmission or emergency call made by some citizen who has either witnessed the crime or has stumbled upon the homicide scene.

The story will become blurred and they may never know how it ends. Forensic Services Group Witnesses play an extremely important role in any accident or crime scene. The first attending officer acts as the eyes and ears of the rest of the police force.

Roles of the First Attending Officer

When scientific support personnel arrive at the scene, the FOA will share any relevant information he or she has gained with them. By failing to carry out any single step, may have the consequences of hindering or failing the investigation process.

For more information see APP on investigation, managing scenes.Arguably, the most important person at a crime scene is the first officer to arrive.

The first responding officer often makes or breaks a crime scene. First Responding Officer Gives Direction to Crime Scene. Introduction: Roles of Police Officers A role is a position and the expectations that position involves.

A function is the actions and tasks involv Fair Use Policy. Roles And Duties Of Police Officers Law Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. When an officer is acting as a first responder or conducting a crime scene search it important that they act. Original position of furniture or articles which may have been moved in order to get to the victim to render first aid, to make a determination of death, etc.

(If ambulance personnel arrived before patrol units, patrol officer should get their identification and determine what, if anything, was moved or touched.). An Essay on the Roles and Responsibilities of the First Attending Police Officer at a Crime Scene PAGES 3.

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Major investigation and public protection. First response. The following information provides guidance to first response officers attending a domestic abuse incident. Contents. 1 Ensure immediate safety; Checklist: Statement of the first officer at the scene.

Statements should, where relevant, cover the officer’s initial appraisal of.

Roles of the first attending officer essay
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