Telstra segmentation

One of the many ways Telstra can achieve this is through added services like giving free polyphonic ringtones and wireless Telstra segmentation.

Therefore, the population has a huge number of working professionals Lees-Marshment, InTelstra has managed to spread their 4G services to cover 80 regions in Australia. Marketing management The Millennium. A certain age group, race or religion may be more prevalent at certain geographical areas Lees-Marshment, Telstra segmentation Pricing can have an effect on the way the product is promoted — will it be a high priced item to target a luxury market or a lower priced product to offer value for money to customers?

Implementing market-based management

In the case of Telstra, this company pays more attention to factors such as user status and usage rate Kotler, Meanwhile, for the technologically conscious customers, Telstra has decided to come up with attractive programs to push their 3G services.

Why their customers want to connect with one another What kind of telecommunications services they need What people want from a telecommunications provider What their needs and wants are What Australian people think about. Based on market research results, marketers would then need to determine the most appropriate marketing mix.

Meanwhile, for their pre-paid plans, they are charging different rates based on data allowance. They have to go in search of the retail outlets of these service providers and compare the available alternative.

The Internet in Australia. One good example is their 3G services. They are the home broadband, mobile broadband and mobile tablets Jaray, Although, the actual market targeted might vary for one communication tool to another, however the company uses these deferent marketing tools to target the entire consumer market right from young to old, students to retirees, etc.

The latest contest is called Telstra Credit Me2U. Marketing Science Journal, 24 1. On the other hand, male are more interested in the features. It can be an actual product, a service or information. Their home broadband line is called BigPond.Marketing Strategies Used by Internet Service Providers.

MKTG - Comparing product, price, targeting, segmentation and positioning strategies between Telstra, Optus and Iinet. Marketing Strategies Used By Internet Service Providers PART Telstra: Segmentation, targeting and positioning Targeting Part net: SEGMENTATION, targeting.

Telstra has adopted a Market Based Management approach to provide better services to customer segments and to give it the competitive edge over other telecommunications companies in the marketplace.

Telstra Segmentation

To download this case study as a free pdf, click the button below. Telstra Corporation Limited is a Public Company that is ranked number 9 out of the top companies in Australia.

The company generates the majority of its income from the Telecommunications Services in Australia industry. Created Date: 9/14/ PM. The geographic segmentation is ideally unlimited for the Roxy target market because Show More.

More about Essay on Telstra Marketing Strategy. Telstra SWOT Analysis and Marketing Strategies Words | 9 Pages; Marketing Strategies Words | 5 Pages; Marketing Strategy and. As Telstra’s customers consist of both consumer markets and business markets, segmentation of both sections was required.

In the business market, the segments were divided into ‘Small Business’ and “Managers and ‘Entrepreneurs’.

Telstra segmentation
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