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Even Blackwood, despite being a fictional character, demonstrates this message.

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It is because of people like him, who refuse to sacrifice their morals or ignore prejudice, that we now live in a country where the Aboriginal community is treated equally. March 26, The character of Blackwood is a moral, authoritive figure.

These examples provide a reminder to us in our own daily lives. Of all the characters in the novel, Blackwood has the greatest appreciation and knowledge of the Aboriginals and their culture.

The two men signify two completely opposing outlooks in many aspects. The issues in the The secret river essay introduction are commented on by characters that view them from easily differentiated perspectives.

The contrasting characterization of these two men allows readers to view the events and issues faced in the text from two completely different positions.

The Secret River

In order to resolve the conflict over land, the men resort to massacring the innocent Indigenous community. One character, Thomas Blackwood, is an ethical man whilst Smasher Sullivan is an immoral individual.

Characters in the text The Secret River all occupy individual thoughts and approaches towards the native people of Australia. Despite this, he goes along with Smasher to protect his family and his own interests.

In fact, he is envious of the Aboriginal way of life, seeing it as reminiscent of the English gentry. These situations remove people from their comfort zone. Readers are positioned by the author to see Blackwood as a positive character in comparison to Smasher, who he clashes with throughout the text due to his morality.

Furthermore this demonstrates how in times of conflict, extremist views can often prevail which cause people to think primarily of their own interests.

The attitudes of some characters are extreme, and their actions, relationships, and in core, their lives, revolve around these personal beliefs. Colonialism Smasher is a vicious, cold-hearted man who shows no respect or humanity towards the Aboriginals.

These periods give people the opportunity to demonstrate their strong morals and values through courageous acts and even sacrifice.

Matter of give a little, take a little. In some ways, his actions are not dissimilar to historical figures such as Martin Luther King and Arthur Miller. Similarly, the atrocities commited against the Jews were carried out by soldiers, many only teenagers, who had no personal hatred of the Jewish community.

When we are faced with our own disputes or confrontations, we should endeavour to stay true to our beliefs, like Thomas Blackwood, rather than allow ourselves to be compromised, like William Thornhill. In each case, conflict has brought out the worst in people.

Although Smasher dies during the brutal massacre of the Aborigines, the massacre itself symbolises his dominating, violent philosophy. This can be seen when Smasher demands that the Aboriginals should be massacred after killing his friend, although Smasher and the deceased Saggity were responsible for the death of a large number of Aboriginal people, including children and women.

He challenges the values of many other characters in the text, and in many cases, our own values as readers.

The novel The Secret River By Kate Grenville confronts readers with reprehensible, controversial and challenging issues, and an array of characters who react to these events with very different moral responses.

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The significance of these two characters in the novel is not only that readers can consider the story from multiple positions, but also to show there is no favouritism of a certain opinion by the author. Although readers may have preconceived ideas about Aboriginals or the settlement of whites in Australia, the characters force the reader to challenge or reconsider their personal opinions and beliefs.

He speaks the local language, and has a child to an Aboriginal woman whom he lives with. Thomas Blackwood is a character that takes a different approach to the native people of his new home.

When faced with conflict, individuals are compelled to make challenging decisions. This was a common viewpoint of the settlers at this point in white settlement. It is these times that demonstrate whethere someone is governed by their morals or their survival instincts. One of the most fundamental desires of humans is companionship.

These examples portray how people will resort to extremely callous actions in order to protect themselves or those they care about. However, it is also in times of conflict that the positive side of humanity is revealed.

The inclusion of Blackwood gives us nother point of view to consider when making an understanding of the text. If the characters all shared the same view, the readers would be forced to side with that particular opinion, and the story would revolve around one single point of view.The Secret River Essays Here we've compiled a list matching the top essays in our database against " the secret river essays ".

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The Question and Answer section for The Secret River is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. The Secret River Essay Characters in the text The Secret River by Kate Grenville represent a variation of attitudes and views towards the colonisation of Australia and the Aboriginal Australians.

Mar 28,  · Pretty good essay overall. Some suggestions: 1. The prompt is "conflic brings out the best and worst in people". Try and incorporate the key words of the prompt/topic into your introduction (preferably at the start). Kate Grenville, an Australian author delves into the conflicts, encounters and relations between the Indigenous Australians and the European settlers within her novel ‘The Secret River’.

The Secret River is part of a trilogy, published in and is a piece of historical fiction set upon the colonisation of Australia. The Secret River Essay. The Secret Lives of River Guides High Country News nbsp; Introduction The law of trade secrets has been characterized as the oldest form of intellectual property protection, 1 and baseball is America s oldest professional team sport.

2 It is surprising, then.

The secret river essay introduction
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