Why i chose airline pilot personal

They like lists showing concrete problems, not talking about them. Pilots tend to be "reality based," because by the very nature of their work they are constantly testing reality.

Why I chose Pilot Training over University – Zak Wheatley

This obviously brought the University debate back to life, as my next selection day was in July, just after my A Level exams. Any time spent in delay just means there will be less time to actually explore or unwind once you land. I was, and I was so happy. If you are interviewing with just one person, remember to look them in the eye as much as possible, as this shows control, confidence and the ability to communicate.

Then, as I mentioned, I gave the list to my wife. In moderation, this quality serves them well within their environment and is, in fact, a quality that managements look for in the pilot personality. We hate delays as much as you do. Avoid introspection Have difficulty revealing, expressing, or even recognizing feelings.

She chose 11, falling short of even half of them! These people, nearly every single one, opened their FedEx e-mail offering an interview while wearing a Delta or American uniform. I ended up with I was very keen not to, but if I was a parent in his position I would definitely encourage me to do the same so I completely understood.

In moderation, functional suspicion like this is a quality that flight managers look for in a pilot personality. Pilots tend to be intelligent but are typically not intellectually oriented. The ideal scenario you describe used to happen where all the interview invites were passed out and interviews complete before an availability date and the candidate gets to choose his future on equal footing prior to having to commit.

It has worked so far, but my point: No decision needs to be considered. When you practice your answers, remember to take a breath, pause, think and then answer. Pilots hate delays for two reasons: We tend to set boundaries prior to having to make decisions so that the decision is pretty much made for us.

Recognizing this, the FAA and other aviation agencies throughout the world are emphasizing CRM training in pilot training. On a multi-engine airplaneif you lose an engine prior to the V1 speed, you abort. But the thought that I only possessed half of the traits on the ALPA list was a little discomforting, especially when I believe myself to be a pretty fair pilot and, even sporadically, a pilot of Grand Poobah proportions.

Competitive and not handling failures well Some people turn the silliest things into competitions; two people rushing for the one open check-out stand at the grocery store, not to mention one of a myriad of traffic transgressions.

I was offered the place on the Uni course, accepted the offer, and everything was pretty much ready to go if need be. The Pilot Personality Published: But pilots are trained to remain cool in emergenciesso maybe being unable to show oneself can be expected.

Pilots are conditioned to deal succinctly, getting to the point of the task at hand. When it comes time to answer these questions, always remember that honesty and thoughtfulness are powerful virtues.The Pilot Personality.

Published: and don't handle failure particularly well. Pilots have a low tolerance for personal imperfection, and long memories of perceived injustices. Pilots tend to be scanners, drawing conclusions rapidly about situational facts. Airline Pilot Central MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands N.

This trait is often carried into pilot’s personal lives and that can be a problem because personal relationships very often are driven by emotion, conciliation and “gray” areas.

Is There Such a Thing As a Pilot Personality?

Modifying environment instead of behavior and avoiding introspection. Fly High With the Best Answers to Airline Pilot Interview Questions. Answering Personal Questions. your life outside of aviation and why you chose to become a pilot.

You will likely be asked to tell about yourself, your reasoning behind your chosen career field, where you see yourself in 5 years and what you can bring to their company. Every day is a little closer to sitting in an airliner and I'm having fun along the way, so that is why I chose pilot training over University.

-ZW Read more on Zak's personal blog: Zak to. 10 reasons being a pilot isn’t as cool as you think (and 1 that makes it all worthwhile) Photo: Harsh Louis Graham. Jul 15, 1.

10 reasons being a pilot isn’t as cool as you think (and 1 that makes it all worthwhile)

We don’t make as much money as you think. The truth is most pilots from the same airline don’t even know each other. As you sit by your gate and watch the captain and first officer shake hands. Why would you like to be an airline pilot? What is your reasons and motives to be a pilot?

Update Cancel. ad by Zenefits. Download the employee handbook and streamline your workplace. Can an IAF pilot become an airline pilot? What's the most common mistake made by airline pilots?

Why i chose airline pilot personal
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