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The Ukrainian State Inspection on Consumer Protection has responsibility for standards and technical regulations. Align this information to the left or the right of the page.

Import duty is based on the CIF value of goods. You can use the invoice templates provided in your word-processing software package, or you can type-up such documents yourself. For example, if you will only be writing one invoice on April 25,your invoice number would be The legislation is harmonised with most relevant international treaties and compliant with WTO requirements.

You can find more about import tariffs in the Market Access Database. These can be obtained from the Ukrainian government authorities.

Tax and customs considerations The State Fiscal Service administers tax and operates customs services in Ukraine. Create the Invoice Once you know what information you want to include on your invoice and writing an invoice ukraine an invoice number, create your document.

Ukraine is not a party to the European Patent Convention. Contacts Contact the DIT team in Ukraine for more information and advice on business opportunities for doing business in Ukraine.

How to Write a Simple Invoice

It will also help you learn how long it will take to complete similar projects in the future. These simple forms also offer an efficient way for you and your staff to keep track of sales and inventory. Be specific rather than general with your line items.

Import of goods under EUR for private use is free of customs charges. Mobile invoicing saves you an average of 3 hours per week and gets you paid up to 7 days faster. Payment options Description of Items Your transaction description details what the customer ordered in sentence or phrase form.

There may be pre-shipment controls on imports of manufactured products. Calculate the amount your client owes you for the products or services you provided.

Contents Is this page useful? How to create a professional invoice template with sample invoice templates What is an invoice? A foreign company may also establish a representative office in Ukraine which can carry out marketing, promotional and other functions on behalf of the company. Invoices provide a cut-and-dried way to alert clients about the money they owe you.

Customs clearance is carried out at border checkpoints with Crimea. The Ukrainian embassy provides details of visa requirements. On a simple invoice, type the total amount owed underneath the product description, aligned on the right side of the page.

Doing business in Ukraine: Ukraine trade and export guide

Many foreign companies have experienced delays with VAT refunds in Ukraine. For example, you might use or A for the first invoice you write on April 25, Legal considerations Contact the DIT team in Ukraine to help find tax and legal advisers before entering into agreements.

Type the name and contact information of the company or individual receiving the invoice. Create an invoice number and type it on a separate line, leaving a space above and below it so it stands out. Customs clearance of goods regular export-import documentation is required by the Ukrainian authorities when transporting goods between mainland Ukraine and Crimea.

Input the products and services purchased on the invoice. The unit price is the price per item you sell.In my years of writing, I've only had one client, a magazine, that didn't need an invoice. I'm not sure why or how they managed that. Kinds of Invoices/Software.

Ukraine’s GDP in is USD billion according to the World Bank. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) predicts a % fall in GDP in with % growth in The Ukrainian government reached an agreement with its private creditors in August on restructuring USD 18 billion of Ukraine’s debt.

Create an invoice number and type it on a separate line, leaving a space above and below it so it stands out. The invoice number links the customer's name to. Oct 22,  · How to Make an Invoice.

An invoice is a notice you send to customers or clients to notify them that payment is due for services you have performed. An invoice should outline what services you performed, how much the client owes and where 92%(68). May 30,  · How to Write an Invoice for Payment for Services Rendered.

If you work as an independent contractor or own a small company that performs a specialized service, the odds are that you will need to learn how to write an invoice for services 84%(19). Invoice2go’s time tracking feature gives you a simple way to keep track of every minute you work, and add it straight to your invoice for straightforward billing when you’re done.

Learn more about how to make your invoices more effective, and how to add your tracked time straight to your invoice from the Invoice2go blog.

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Writing an invoice ukraine
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